Thursday, June 30, 2016

2 still life studies

These are two studies I did recently. One is from a Carol Marine video tutorial at Daily Paint Works. The other one is one that I did on my own but based on the same tutorial. 

I think it's good to do these kind of studies, especially from a professional, (and one that I admire), to keep you on the right track and refresh yourself on the use of good techniques.

I'm going to try the apple study video next and see what I come up with. I do love still life paintings and haven't done them in a while. 

I didn't mention which one was completed with the aid of the Carol Marine video and which one wasn't just in case you want to guess.  ;)

Saturday, June 25, 2016

All five painting challenge paintings

By Julie, Charles, Helen, Aba, and me. Go us!

Calm after the storm

This was a painting I made in 1994. I remember this time like it was yesterday. 

It's funny how my paintings are like a diary in a way; different times of your life passing by, good and bad times, celebrations and tears. 

This one got me through a tough time and I felt a little better by the time I was done. We all (us painters) have paintings we will never sell for one reason or another, gifts we'll never give. Sometimes they become a part of you. 


Not available for sale

This is an obvious copy of part of a Norman Rockwell painting. I learned a lot from this study and continue to study the greats from time to time. 

I think I'm ready for another painting challenge. Is anyone interested? 

P.S. I'll soon be posting our last painting challenge with all of our paintings in one post.  Thanks to all of the contributors. Love you all.

Saturday, June 18, 2016

Atlantic City Beach

I took a picture of the AC sea shore while visiting the area recently. The sky caught my eye more than the ocean this time but they combined to make a peaceful beach scene. 

5x7 oil on gessobord

If you do get a chance to visit the Atlantic City area you should be sure to visit the White House Sub Shop. It's famous not only for their outstanding sandwiches, but for their famous clientele whose photos grace the wall of this charming little eatery. 

Thursday, June 16, 2016

Rocky Shore

This painting was from a sister's day a few weeks ago. Aba and Sue K. came by for a delightful afternoon of painting, laughter, and meatballs. :D  We have to do that again soon!

As always, Aba and I are drawn to the seashore and ocean paintings. I love the time we spend together. Thank you Aba. You're the best!

9x12 oil on gessobord $50.00

Don't call it a dream, call it a plan.

Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Kim's Sunset Painting

I finally stopped to take a picture of my painting challenge painting. I opted to leave out the boats but I may, at some future time, decide to paint them in there. 

But somehow, at least for this particular painting, it just feels right the way I painted it. I know that you painters understand what I mean. :D

8x10 oil on gessobord

I think that there may be one more submission. Once they're all in I'll post them together in one blog post so we can see them all together. 

Monday, June 13, 2016

Helen's Sunset Painting

Yes! We have another submission to the painting challenge. This time we have Helen Eaton and her beautiful version of our challenge titled "Sunset On The Cape".

You can also click here: 
to go to Helen's blog to find out more about this painting and view her other paintings as well.

I love how the clouds float up and curl. It creates a wondrous image and makes me want to be there, like, right now!  Congratulations on a job well done!

And thank you for the shout-out on your blog, Helen. I really appreciate that!!

Last Light by Charles Wolf

We have another submission to the painting challenge! This is a beautiful piece by Charles Wolf. 

"Last Light" oil on canvas, 24 x 24 in.
Artist Charles Wolf
Impulsive Artistry © 2016. 
All rights reserved

He also created a video!!!  Here is the link to his youtube video:

Thank you Charles, for your submission of this awesome painting and video. You are very talented!

Also I want to thank you for your shout-out to me in your video. What a wonderful surprise that was for me. 

And you've inspired me to look into making my own videos as well. 
It will be a long road to travel to get my first video made that I feel will be good enough to share, but like they say, a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.

Thursday, June 2, 2016

First Painting Challenge Submission

Our first painting challenge painting has arrived in my inbox! Take a look at this stunning depiction of the seascape photo by my beautiful sister, Aba!!!

Aba uses a palette knife 99.9% of the time and she is truly skilled with the knife!! Aba, when you get a chance, leave a comment with the details: painting size, medium, etc.  

Great work!!!!!!!!!!!!

I LOVE the first submission. I can't wait to see more!

Painting Challenge

Here is the photo for the painting challenge. You can depict it in whatever way you choose; oil paint, acrylic, water color, pencil, or any way you want; it's up to you! 

I don't believe that you can add a photo yourself to my blog. If you can do that, please comment and tell me how that's done. Otherwise, you can email me a photo of your finished art work and I will upload it for you to my blog. 

You can always request to have me take it down if you decide you no longer want your photo on this site. That's never a problem. The photo is your property.

This painting challenge has ended. Thanks to all who submitted their work!

And now the photo:

I'm looking forward to seeing the finished pieces. There's no rush. I will add the photos as they come in.

~ Kim