Sunday, May 3, 2015

My next post (after this one) will show you my latest painting. Since I have so many daily paintings in the queue, I'll post the older ones in sort of a "throw back Thursday" sort of fashion, but it won't necessarily be on a Thursday or in any particular order.

With that being said, here is one of my "throw back" paintings. Can you call it "throw back" if it happened only in the last couple of months? Well, it's my blog and I say yes. :D

This painting was from Carol's Daily Paintworks challenge titled: "Take a break from color".  I never posted it in the challenge, but here it is in all its glory. 

I definitely need to work on my picture taking skills (Chapter 10, Daily Painting book).  I'll try for a photo that's not crooked next time.  
But I think the painting turned out okay. It's a very interesting study to make, not using color.  I learned a lot from it.  Value is very important.  You better get that down as soon as you can. 

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