Saturday, June 25, 2016

Calm after the storm

This was a painting I made in 1994. I remember this time like it was yesterday. 

It's funny how my paintings are like a diary in a way; different times of your life passing by, good and bad times, celebrations and tears. 

This one got me through a tough time and I felt a little better by the time I was done. We all (us painters) have paintings we will never sell for one reason or another, gifts we'll never give. Sometimes they become a part of you. 


Not available for sale

This is an obvious copy of part of a Norman Rockwell painting. I learned a lot from this study and continue to study the greats from time to time. 

I think I'm ready for another painting challenge. Is anyone interested? 

P.S. I'll soon be posting our last painting challenge with all of our paintings in one post.  Thanks to all of the contributors. Love you all.

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