Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Quick Christmas Challenge

This little painting was a DPW Challenge called the "Quick Christmas Challenge." I tried to make quick brush strokes and not fuss, but by the time I painted the Christmas ball I was fussing a bit. But all in all I like how it turned out and I would definitely try this one again.

6x6 oil on gessobord

"Simple joys, little pleasures, laughter and smiles in big measures. Friends, family, togetherness, love; the choicest blessings from above.  Peace, prosperity, and happiness too; all these and more are my wishes for you."

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  1. Kim, I stumbled across your blog yesterday, and loved it immediately. I went back to the very first post and began reading... like a novel, I suppose. The further I got, the more often I kept thinking this girl and I are so much alike! So alike... choices- choice of font, color, layout, post length and purpose. So alike... love of quotes, quirky painting title, humor, painting improvement and learning. So alike... thoughts and ways of communicating them - writing as if you're simply talking.
    I hope you don't think it's weird that I'm telling you this. I don't mean to appear as a stalker... but I suppose by definition of stalking... I guess I have been lurking around reading every post of 2015 and have every intention of moving on to 2016... yeah... I think I am... But let's just call me a fan... a fan of your work, a fan of your painting, a fan of your writing.
    Have a great day.