Thursday, July 9, 2015

Rocky Shore

Today's painting is a sea that's only wild because of the rocks. I love the sea!  It's so beautiful and ever-changing and always a challenge to paint. 

11x14 ampersand gessobord $50.00 + shipping

Thank you for stopping by, good people.  And remember, be kind to others. Peace and love!

Many animals and plants live on rocky shores in the area between high and low tide called the intertidal zone. These organisms must be able to cope with problems of not one environment, but two. They are pounded by waves, exposed to extremes of temperature and salinity, and flooded by sea water and exposed to drying air twice every 24 hours. They also have to avoid being eaten by birds, molluscs and crabs at low tide, and by fish and other marine life at high tide.

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